Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke

Refraction Labs is a Digital Art Studio that harnesses innovation in order to create novel experiences.

We create interactive installations, digital performances, audiovisual shows and 3D projection mapping events. Please allow us to walk you through some of our products.




Our Digital Dance performances immerse the audience in a mysterious and poetic universe where dancers paint abstract visuals on stage with every move.

The show makes for an unforgettable corporate dinner or evening, and can be a great opening to another setting where guests are invited to interact themselves with the system and become the protagonists.




Forget about boring printed backdrops. Our Photo Call replaces it with exciting visuals.

As soon as guests step on the red carpet, they find themselves pictured in an exotic world or a city landmark, with amusing or corporate interactive elements. Once the picture is snapped, it can then be sent by email, shared through social networks, or printed on the spot. A nice souvenir to take back home after the event.





Interactive Installations are our most versatile product. In its simplest form, an Interactive Installation consists of a sensor and a screen displaying the participants’ silhouettes and sparking colorful and exciting images. The colors and visual style can be entirely personalized to fit the customer’s branding and requirements.

Interactive installations add a touch of playfulness to any event and can even become a focal point, entertaining guests with dynamic imagery, and turning every participant into an actor.

Interactive Installations can be adapted to any format or surface, from plasma displays to huge projection screens, to mapped building facades.


Interactive Logos


Interactive Installations can display Logos. Interactive Logos bring an innovative and fun twist to the old-fashioned logo vinyl. Whether displayed on a plasma screen or an entire Interactive Wall or Floor, they bring the brand to life and introduce an element of surprise.


Augmented DJ


Visuals are a mainstay of every DJ performance.

We take this entertainment form to the next level and bring it to life with interactivity.

With the help of sensors and cameras, the DJ and the audience itself become part of the visual show.

The audience’s movements influence the visuals and their stylized images appear in the show itself, turning each participant into a key actor of the party.

Think of it as an Augmented Reality show where visuals and technology transform a club into a magical and exciting environment.


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